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Ogojiii is the essence of two insights: The cutting edge of design is in Africa and all types of design are important to achieve a better future.

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IPMANY CAN DREAM UP GREAT IDEAS, BUT AN IDEAis nothing until it’s realised, be it as a website, a physical product, an app or a user interface. Being design-led means designers take ideas from the abstract to the concrete, from potential to real value. Yet we still...

How cycling could help drive racial equality

Bicycles are simultaneously symbols of social hope and white oppression — an age-old duality reflected in American racial culture. Changing this perception is important to break down the racial and social divide found in America’s cities.The reason that African...


iROKOtv founder Jason Njoku put Nollywood, Nigeria’s prolific, fast-paced filmmaking hub, on the internet. How does he plan to dominate the African market?

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