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Ogojiii is the essence of two insights: The cutting edge of design is in Africa and all types of design are important to achieve a better future.

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Design Pickup – Podcast episode 3 with Ignitia

Weather forecasting is difficult. In tropical climates even more so. Enter Ignitia: a forecasting service developed specifically for tropical climates, which can have a big impact on local farming - in some cases it can double yields. Better forecasting creates greater food security and can lead to big financial improvement for many small-scale farmers in tropical regions. All because of a smarter weather model.

Design Pickup – Podcast episode 2 with Light Active Textile

Imagine a future without laundry? It might not seem too far off as Vipul Bansal and his team have developed a self cleaning textile. But it’s not all about avoiding the laundry; in this episode we explore how Light Active Textiles may impact the world.

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