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Ogojiii (oh-go-gee). Ogoji with one “i” is the Yoruba word for “40”. We have added the Roman numerals ii to make 42, the Akan calendar cycle and our cycle of things.

Ogojiii is a magazine and branded content agency that showcases the essence of two insights. That cutting edge design is found in Africa and all types of design are important to achieve a better future.


Customised Branded Publications

Ogojiii offers customised branded publications tailored to your company’s vision and philosophy.

Thought Leader Network

Ogojiii offers access to high level continental thought leaders.


Ogojiii can direct and setup photo shoots providing high quality images and styling tailored to African design and innovation.




Thomas Noppen

Thomas Noppen


Thomas Noppen is editor at Ogojiii. Say hi to him by emailing:

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